Revival Furniture Project

Providing quality preloved furniture and electricals for the Derbyshire Dales

Have something you want to donate ?

Here at revival, we thrive on your donations, however, we can't accept just anything & everything, so please follow the instructions below to see whether your item is helpful:

Anything with Fabric or fillers:
This is includes Sofa's, Armchairs, Chairs with integral padded seats, bed heads, ottomans etc
All of these items HAVE TO HAVE A FIRE LABEL.
The only exception to this rule is if the goods are considered to be 'antique'
This is the law, not just a Revival rule, all charities run on the same principal.
Even if the sofa is 3 days old & you've changed your mind but have taken the fire label off the sofa, heartbreakingly we can't accept it.
You can sell or privately give it away.

Condition of goods:
There are so many goods that are offered to us, we have to be fussy, we can't fit everything into our warehouse, we do our best but we have to take into consideration health & safety & the ability to move freely around the warehouse for everyone (customers & staff alike), We don't take in sofa's that need cleaning, we don't have the facility to clean them here, and we know from experience that people will not buy them, this leaves us with an expensive problem. We cannot go to the tip as although we are a charity the council deems we are a business, So we then have to hire a skip (you don't get many sofas in a skip !) and at about £200 a go, it's an expensive donation that has done no one any favours. So please be honest & decide if your furniture really does warrant reselling, if not you can call the council for a kerb side collection for about £20 for 3 items, see their website for more information.

The other illusion people have is that the crisis care packages for people: We don't give people in need dirty, broken or just worn out sofas & chairs,(or any kind of furniture like that !) They shouldn't have to be grateful for whatever they can get, We have enough good quality, clean furniture that we can help them with and that really does make a difference to their lives.

However Good quality, clean furniture with lot's of life left in them are fantastic & we hugely appreciate the donation of them. We are a not for profit charity & your donations are either sold to help keep the place open, or they are gifted to people in need as & when the help is requested.

Another common misconception is that we can restore furniture including upholstered items. Unfortunately this is not the case. Many of these jobs are skilled trades, we simply do not have them. The only thing we do is paint some of the furniture that is suitable, it has to be in good working order before we start that, so if you're not sure phone & ask us 01335 300907 (Mon -Sat 10-5:30)

Electrical goods
White goods: Washing machines, Tumble Dryers, Fridges & Freezers:
These items are not made nowadays to last forever (as we're sure you're aware!) So we ask that this type of goods are under 5 years of age please. They must be in good working order, again we have a real issue disposing of this kind of thing & if it's not working then please take it to the local recycling depot which is a two minute drive away from us, we can't collect them & take them as we're not allowed on sight with our truck as a business or again get the local council to do a kerb side collection. If you're not sure if the item you've had in your garage for a couple of years works, please take the time to plug it in & try it out before calling us. Thank you

Ready for collection ?
Goods need to be easily accessible & on the ground floor, our Van crew will collect them & remove them, But not from upstairs. If the item needs dismantling to get out of the house, please ask for advice from our office to ensure that we will collect the item dismantled & then if we will please ensure that it is done prior to our crew arriving at your property as they have up to 14 jobs a day to complete & we do not allow time for this & would have to leave the item & come back another day.
Please ensure remote controls are with the goods, TV's, dvd players, stereos, thank you

We also collect Bric a Brac, Clothing & Books.
Please ensure clothing is clean. We can take 'rags' (Unwearable clothing due to holes etc, but it still needs to be clean)