Revival Furniture Project

Providing quality preloved furniture and electricals for the Derbyshire Dales

Revival is an independent charity based in Ashbourne in the Derbyshire Dales for the purpose of recycling and Re-use of household goods and furniture, providing training, volunteering and employment opportunities for the local community giving chance to develop work and social skills.

Revival reuse promotes and encourages reuse and recycling and the reduction of household and other goods going to landfill or unsightly fly tipping. Good quality furniture and other items which add to the problem of waste will be reused to help someone else make a home.

Revival is making itself sustainable by running it's upcycling shop, located within it's own premises, called Vintage Green.

There they re-create & re-purpose old furniture giving it a new lease of life. Every piece is hand painted and finished, making it all very unique but still affordable.

We offer a free collection service to aid people in their quest to recycle their goods.

Everyone is welcome at the project to buy at generously discounted prices.

We are a not for profit charity that helps prevent landfill by recycling furniture. When we can, we work alongside other charities donating furniture to homeless and people in dire need, and we provide low cost furniture to everyone.

How does Vintage green fit in to all this ?

As a charity we used to get funding and grants, there is now very little available to us, so to try and make ourselves sustainable we are upcycling furniture that we are then able to sell for more money, (though still at lower prices than similar items on the high street) using the skills of staff and volunteers, this is enabling the charity to be able to pay it's bills and keep it running to everyone's gain.

The rent and insurance for the building alone is over £29,000 a year.
In the first four months of vintage green trading it sold over 50 pieces of up-cycled furniture valued at £4000, this is helping to keep encore open & sustainable. Without it, the Derbyshire dales would lose this valuable commodity.

 What else do we do ?
We support volunteer workers giving them opportunities to learn new skills.
In the past, we have had the probation service community payback service using the encore workshop, learning new skills and helping the local community.

We work with other charities seeking to improve the lives of people in dire need.

Through social charities and services, we help provide furniture to those that have been thrown into a situation (e.g. domestic abuse) where they have absolutely nothing; getting them back on their feet again.

We collect bulk (reusable) waste from the local community, offering them a FREE service, compared to the alternative of council collection as rubbish costing more than £18 for just three items.

In 2012 Revival recycled : Over 141 wardrobes, 122 chest of drawers, 179 sofas, 190 armchairs, 323 tables, 147 beds, 149 bookcases ..this is only a small part of what we did, can you imagine how big the landfill space for this amount alone would be ? and year on year this figure is going up.